Call Your Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeles, CA After a Layoff

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One instance where you may need to call a commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA to visit your office is after laying off one or several employees. While many supervisors and business owners believe asking for keys to be returned is enough, that is not always a guarantee of maintaining your security. Changing your locks or access codes is the only way to know that your business will remain safe. Here is why you need to consider this course of action whether you fire one worker or lay off many of them.

Many unsafe possibilities

Even if you request that the key to your shop or office is returned, there is no guarantee that your former employee did not make another copy of it. Many office keys have “do not copy” inscribed on them—however, there are more options for do-it-yourself key cutting that make this irrelevant. Your worker can visit a storefront kiosk or even have a friend who works at a hardware store make key copies without scrutiny. That means that, these days, a “do not copy” notation or request to return all keys upon termination guarantees nothing.

Most people will not violate your business after losing a job. However, it only takes one vengeful former employee to cause problems. Property loss, vandalism and current workers facing threats are among the unsafe possibilities when former employees maintain access to your business premises.

Your options

The problem that often arises with re-keying on commercial properties is the expense. If your business hires a steady stream of temporary or seasonal workers, changing the locks with each turnover can become expensive. The same is true if your business goes through a period where you never seem to find the right person for the job. Changing locks every time another individual fails to work out will start to get tiresome for your remaining employees and your budget.

If your business only has one access point, like a front door, your expenses for re-keying are minimal. You can likely stick with conventional locks in this case. However, if there are multiple entrances and many employees, conventional locks will not be adequate. Your best bet will be to upgrade to an electronic access system so employees enter with a code rather than a key. Changing codes is always easier than changing out keys, and you do not have to call in a locksmith every time you fire someone. Most of these systems can be reprogrammed on site with just a few steps.

You may want to consider your security situation every year. As your business grows and changes, access systems will become more convenient than conventional locks. You might also need additional safes or door closers to assure better security. Likewise, if you decide to specialize and that reduces your overall security needs, you have the option to downsize to something simpler.

A commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA is essential for your business needs. Locksmithology, Inc. can change locks, install access systems and even crack safes when you lose keys or forget combinations. Call us today if you require commercial locksmithing.

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