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Safe cracking in Los Angeles, CA at commercial sites is not like in the movies. Business owners often want the safe left intact and either lost the key or forgot the combination. If you decide to have your clever employee mess with the safe rather than call a professional, you risk sustaining irreversible damage and needing to replace the safe. Here is why you should hire a professional locksmith to handle issues with your safes:

  • Time: The more advanced the safe, the more time we may need to crack it. This is not a job for amateur employees who fancy themselves spy heroes in their spare time. You need someone who understands the mechanics of safes and can get past them quickly. Employees do not need to spend all day playing around on this project—they should be focused on their work duties. Outsource this to us and avoid taking time from business while also employing an effective solution.
  • Options: A locksmith will also have more options to crack safes. If you have a digital safe and an employee managed to scramble the biometrics to leave it inaccessible, we can reset it. If repeated errors cause the safe to lock out, we can retrofit the keypad to get it open again. While we are there, we can also reprogram codes and combinations and make extra keys. Basically, we offer methods for advanced safes that would not be available to you otherwise, and we can add services as needed to assure future access. Not only do we provide safe cracking, but we also help you avoid facing this situation again.
  • Avoid damage: Employees may become frustrated and drill into safes. Sometimes, they will take a tip from the movies and attempt to weld off the hinges. All of these actions damage the safe, and if you invested in a higher-tech model, that is an expensive replacement cost—especially if all you required was a keypad retrofit by a locksmith. Beyond that, these actions could also damage the contents inside. Locksmiths often access safes without damaging them. We will only resort to extraordinary measures if there are no other options, and we will secure your permission first. Fortunately, that arises very rarely.
  • Quick response: We can send someone over to your business within one hour of a call. This can be very helpful if an employee locks a key inside or too many combination attempts lead to a complete lockout. Not only will you receive effective service once we arrive, but you will also not have to wait long to have a functional safe once again. This can also come in handy if a recent employee termination compels you to reprogram a safe as soon as possible.

Locksmithology, Inc. offers safe cracking in Los Angeles, CA, as well as other business locksmith services. Call us today if you require help with security or really need to access that long-neglected safe. We offer fixed rates so your expenses for safe cracking will never be a surprise.

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