Four Tips for Avoiding Scams Involving a Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeles, CA

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When you are in a jam and need a locksmith to help you, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options for a commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA that seem to want to help you. How can you tell if the locksmith you want to hire is legitimate, rather than one who is preying on your emergency situation? There are a lot of locksmith scams out there, and as a consumer, you need to be aware so you don’t get taken and become a victim of one of their crimes. Here are some tips to help you be sure you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith service and not a fly-by-night operation:

  • Make sure they are local: Several of these scam locksmiths don’t have physical offices and operate from an out-of-state call center. A sure way to know if you are dealing with a professional commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA is to investigate their address and make sure it is an official business. Do your research on a locksmith before you actually need to call one and are tempted by the online ads posted by a scam company.
  • Check that they are licensed: You will want to see the license of any locksmith who has come to provide you with assistance. While licensing isn’t offered in every state, you can still verify that it is a legit commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA, by identifying their vehicle. Be wary of a locksmith that arrives in an unmarked car or a vehicle advertising another business. A professional locksmith will have a company vehicle and ask to see your ID. Ask to see theirs, as well, to give you confidence that they are legit.
  • Watch for deals too good to believe: Advertised locksmith specials as low as $15 are a sign that a locksmith business is too good to be true. These scam locksmiths will quote you incredibly low rates and show up and expect you to pay a lot more than advertised. Avoid this scam by looking for a reputable locksmith that offers rates that are in line with the industry standard of around $60. Anything much more than this, meanwhile, may also be a scam. Be aware of extreme prices on either end of the spectrum.
  • Look out for inexperienced staff: If a locksmith wants to drill and change your locks as a way to give you entry, this is an indicator that they are not experienced in the art of locksmithing. A commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA will have the proper tools to open your lock without needing to drill them. Drilling is reserved for high security locks and not something that is done on a regular basis to gain entry. Make sure you are dealing with a professional locksmith that has the right tools and knows what they are doing.

When you hire a commercial locksmith in Los Angeles, CA, you need to be careful and make sure you are working with a legitimate, professional business. There are numerous scam operations out there, and your diligence is required to avoid becoming a victim of these illegal businesses. For a reputable locksmith, contact Locksmithology, Inc. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured locksmith company offering 24-hour emergency services.

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