Is a Basic Safe Enough to Protect Your Valuables?

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When it comes to all available forms of security, there are good versions and there are bad versions. This isn’t any different when it comes to purchasing a safe. The types of items you put into a safe can vary in importance, and the elements the items will need to be shielded from can vary as well. The idea that safes are “one size fits all” can be a very dangerous way of looking at protecting your assets. If you have taken the steps to acquire a safe, why not make sure you get the best one for what you are trying to protect? A locksmith in Los Angeles, CA will be the first person to ask you this question.

There are a variety of different features that are now included with safes and worth considering when making your decision. Everything from what’s going inside the safe to where it will be located should be taken into account. Just because you have a safe doesn’t mean it will serve its purpose. Here a handful of features worth considering when purchasing a new safe:

  • Fire resistance: One of the biggest concerns for buyers is the fire protection that is provided by a safe. Although safes are designed to keep intruders out, one of their biggest purposes is to make sure they survive the elements of an unexpected disaster. Not only does the safe need to withstand the heat, but the temperature inside the safe also has to remain at a certain level to prevent items inside from melting. Consider the duration of protection and the maximum temperature when deciding.
  • Water resistance: Just like fire, the possibility of a flood should play a role in what type of safe you buy. When some safes get submerged in water, they aren’t able to keep the items inside safe from the elements. If you live in an area prone to flooding, this would be worth taking into consideration.
  • Burglary: A locksmith in Los Angeles, CA will tell you that burglaries are a major reason why it’s worth it to get a safe. Items out in the open will likely be the first thing an intruder will grab, rather than spending their time trying to crack the code on a safe. Keeping the most important items in your house in a safe will make the unfortunate event of a break-in much easier to handle and recover from.
  • Bolted down: If someone somehow breaks into your home or business and they happen to be incredibly resilient, make sure you have your safe bolted down. Burglars may come prepared to seek out what they believe will be the most rewarding items in the house. If they see your safe, they may try taking it out completely to open up on their own time.
  • Pry resistance: Even if your safe is bolted down, a criminal still may try doing everything they can to get into it. Pry-resistant concealed hinges will be quick to frustrate any intruder.

As you can see, it’s important not to grab the first safe you see. There are multiple factors to consider, both in terms of where you are going to put the safe and what you are going to put inside it. Contact Locksmithology, Inc. to find the best option for your needs.

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