Will an Alarm or Camera Truly Protect Your House or Business from Burglary?

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Don’t answer that, but keep the thought process in mind while thinking about completely trusting an alarm or camera to protect your business. When you look at things through a bigger lens, these two items should really be your second line of defense. Would you be okay with your car not having trustworthy locks and just an alarm when someone entered? Sure, a video recording may be helpful in catching someone, but it certainly doesn’t stop them from committing a crime in the first place.

The first and most important line of defense is the lock, so when considering a locksmith in Los Angeles, CA, it’s best to focus on a high security option. Making sure a door requires a key to get in can stop any intruder right in their tracks. Here are the most important features to look for:

  • Key uniqueness: A quality lock can make finding the correct pick for entering a door like discovering a needle in a haystack. A key can be created that will help prevent unauthorized manufacturing and jam up any tools a burglar might be using to enter with little trace. This unique specialization can be a simple lifesaver.
  • Additional layers: With high security locks, there are always opportunities to add even more layers to prevent people from getting in. A security pin that someone must enter might be a good place to start. A pin entry prevents the opportunity for manipulation of a keyhole and would require a much more innovative approach for a potential intruder to get through.
  • Choice of materials: What the lock is made of can often be one of the most important factors in determining how effective it will be. Consider all options when making a lock decision, and don’t underestimate the power of certain materials for long-term protection.
  • Force resistance: Kicking, prying and sawing are a few of the ways people will use force to get through your door. The type of bolt and lock you use will play a major factor in whether they can get in or not. Items like a reinforced strike box or mounting piece fight back against this force and can wear out even the biggest and strongest of intruders.
  • Proof of entry: If by some chance a potential burglar is able to get through your locked door, they won’t be able to do it without making a scene. Oftentimes, unwanted building entries go unnoticed, as a skilled criminal can get in without leaving a trace. High quality locks show clear signs of tampering when the most intrusive criminals are able to find their way in.

It’s best to start with a locksmith in Los Angeles, CA rather than just throwing up some cameras. This first line of defense is the most important, and Locksmithology, Inc. can help you ever step of the way. Let us help you lock up your home or business and enjoy true protection and peace of mind!

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