Emergency Locksmiths in Los Angeles, CA Share Their Tips to Avoid Auto Lockouts

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If you have ever not been able to get into your car due to lost or misplaced keys, then you are familiar with the frustration and wasted time that follows. Additionally, going through an auto lockout always seems to happen at the worst possible time. You’re running late for work, there are perishable groceries trapped in the trunk or you are pulled over on the side of a rural road. But it doesn’t matter if you have to deal with a lockout in a store parking lot or in your own driveway—it’s inconvenient regardless of where you are.

Luckily for you, there are some things you can do to prevent an auto lockout. Here are some tips from emergency locksmiths in Los Angeles, CA to help you avoid getting locked out of your vehicle:

  • Develop a routine: One of the best ways to make sure you have not left your keys in the car is to go through the same routine every time you leave your vehicle. What we mean is that you should check that your keys are on you or in your bag before exiting your car and closing the door. Follow this easy routine until it becomes second nature, and before you know it, locking your keys in the car will be a thing of the past.
  • Know where you put your keys: While in your car after parking, you might have a bad habit of tossing your keys on the passenger seat or dropping them in your lap. As a part of the above mentioned routine, pick a place where you will always put your keys before getting out of the car. This place can be your purse, bag or pocket, or even attached to a wristband. On the other hand, many newer vehicles can be started without your keys, which allows you to remote start your engine while you’re still inside the house. Remember that you still need to take your keys with you when you leave your house, so leave them in a spot where you won’t forget them.
  • Keep a spare: Much like keeping a spare house key, having a spare car key can save you from having to call emergency locksmiths in Los Angeles, CA. Give a spare to a trusted neighbor in case you get locked out of your vehicle in your driveway, or consider carrying a spare key in your purse or wallet or tied and tucked into your shoe, like many runners do.
  • Check locks for problems: Auto lockouts don’t just happen in the absence of your key. Older automatic locks and locks that are damaged can cause malfunctions that leave you unable to use your key successfully. If you notice that your locks are sticking, but they still unlock (for now), check the battery powers in your clicker and the car, or take it in for a mechanical inspection. Getting lock problems fixed now can save you from an irritating auto lockout later.

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