Three Reasons It’s Important to Protect Your Safe

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Where do you store your guns, jewelry and other valuable items? In a safe, of course! That is because a safe will keep these items stored away from potential thieves. You likely feel comfortable knowing your valuables are secured by the solid walls of the safe and the key or code. But your safe probably isn’t as safe as you think it is. In fact, even the most secure locks can be compromised. A committed burglar could potentially just pick up the safe and walk away with all of the stolen goods. It doesn’t matter how heavy the safe is, as thieves will go to great lengths by using moving equipment to get their hands on a great haul. The safe can be cut, broken or destroyed.

Still not convinced you need some extra security for your safe? Here are three reasons why it’s so important to protect your safe:

  • Compromised security: Many families choose to store their important documents in their safe, such as birth certificates or Social Security cards. This allows the information to be secure, while also easily accessible. But this can be devastating to your personal security if someone were to get their hands on these documents. The thief would be able to steal your identity very easily.
  • Tied to a crime: Did you know you could be implicated in a crime you didn’t commit if a gun you owned was used for an illegal activity? A gun stolen from your safe could be used for a burglary or even a murder—all with your name attached. Sure, the misunderstanding can likely be cleared up, but you can easily save yourself the stress and hassle by taking the extra step to safeguard your safe.
  • Loss of valuable items: A safe is the perfect place to store grandma’s pearls or your engagement ring—that is, until someone breaks in and steals them. Losing these items wouldn’t be just a financial loss, but also a loss of considerable sentimental value.

Bolt down your safe for added security

Luckily, you can easily enhance the security of your safe just by bolting it down. Bolting it to the ground makes it much more difficult for a thief to steal the safe and its contents. In most cases, the criminal will just move on when they notice the safe is bolted, as it isn’t worth their time and efforts.

Bolting down a safe is easy with the help of a locksmith in Los Angeles, CA. They will help you determine the best location before securing it to the floor. Large lag bolts are best for wood floors, while concrete anchors are best suited for concrete surfaces. The type of safe will determine how many bolts will be required. For example, a fireproof safe might only need one, while steel and other common security safes will require four bolts.

Increase your security by contacting the top locksmith in Los Angeles, CA at Locksmithology, Inc. We’ll help you protect your safe. Best of all, we’ll be more than happy to bolt down your safe, even if it wasn’t originally purchased from Locksmiithology, Inc.! Call us today to learn more about how bolting down your safe can improve both your security and peace of mind.

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