FAQs About “Do Not Duplicate” Keys

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Have you ever needed to make a copy of your office or apartment key only to find out that your local hardware store won’t do it because the key says “Do Not Duplicate”? If so, you understand that it can be quite frustrating! After all, that’s your key, and you need a copy of it in case you get locked out. If this has ever happened to you, you may be shocked to know that there’s actually no such thing as a “Do Not Duplicate Law.” That’s right—your hardware store didn’t turn you away because they’re afraid of breaking the law! Keep reading to learn more about supposed laws surrounding key duplication in West Hills, CA.

Why does my key say “Do Not Duplicate”?

A few decades ago, property managers and landlords began imprinting tenants’ keys with a “Do Not Duplicate” stamp for security purposes. They didn’t want any former employees or evicted tenants having a copy of their key once they’ve been fired or kicked out. The property managers’ thinking was, “Which reputable hardware store will make a copy of a key if the original says not to do so?”

This idea seems to work, for the most part! The chance that someone will attempt to have a copy of a “Do Not Duplicate” key made is probably quite low. However, as mentioned above, “Do Not Duplicate” isn’t a legally binding set of words. Anyone could technically make a copy of that key if they wish to do so.

Are there keys that cannot be duplicated?

While “Do Not Duplicate” wouldn’t hold up in court, there are keys that cannot be copied under law! Keys labeled as restricted generally have some sort of patent and require permission from the manufacturer to be duplicated. If you absolutely need a restricted key duplicated, you’ll need to bring the original to a certified locksmith, like one of the pros at Locksmithology, Inc. We have the skills and license to duplicate your special, restricted keys.

Why choose Locksmithology, Inc.?

If you’re looking for a locksmith to duplicate some keys or install new locks on your property, here are a few reasons to get in touch with the team at Locksmithology, Inc.

  • Speed: The last thing you want is to wait around all morning for your key to be duplicated. You won’t have to worry about that issue when you bring your keys to us! Our staff members duplicate your keys fast, so you can get on with your day.
  • Expertise: Duplicating a key isn’t the easiest thing in the world; it takes a lot of practice to ensure the copy works! When you come to us, you can trust that your duplicate key will work just as well as the original.
  • Affordability: You have better things to spend your money on than duplicating sets of keys. You won’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg when you duplicate your keys at Locksmithology, Inc.!

The next time you need a new copy of your key, look no further than the pros at Locksmithology, Inc. Everyone on our staff has years of experience with key duplication in West Hills, CA, so you know we’ll make an exact copy of your key in a matter of minutes.

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