Important Things to Consider When Researching Locksmiths

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At some point, most homeowners or vehicle owners will need to call a locksmith, whether it’s in a crisis situation or because of a simple need to install new locks. Before you place your call to a locksmith, it’s important to know exactly how you can find the best service provider for your needs.

Here is some information for you to consider when researching locksmiths in the 91304 ZIP code:

  • Identify your needed services: Exactly what type of service do you need out of your locksmith? Do you need a lock replaced after being the victim of a burglary? Perhaps you broke your lock somehow, or got locked out of your vehicle? The type of lock work you need will not just determine which locksmith you call (not all of them do every kind of lock work), but those details will also help the locksmith provide you with a more accurate quote and determine the kind of parts they will need to bring to your home or vehicle.
  • Find someone licensed: Whenever you hire a locksmith, you should work with a licensed professional. All locksmiths in California are required to be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, which is a part of the Department of Consumer Affairs. Applying for a license means the locksmith has passed a background check, so it’s a way for customers to know the locksmith is a trustworthy individual. You can verify the locksmith is licensed online at, and can also ask to see their license in person. The locksmith should also be bonded, as this provides a reimbursement guarantee to you in case the locksmith accidentally damages your home. This provides each party with some extra protection, as it involves an agreement between you and the locksmith before any work gets done on your property.
  • Research their background: There are a variety of ways you can learn more about the locksmith’s background. First and foremost, ask around to family and friends for referrals. People who know you aren’t going to want to send you to someone who does subpar work, so this is a great starting point. Otherwise, you can also verify the locksmith has a good reputation by checking online reviews on sites like Google Reviews, Yelp or Angie’s List, or you can look for the company’s Better Business Bureau rating at
  • Get quotes: Even after you have thoroughly researched your locksmith and determined they do good, reliable work, you need to also know you’ll be able to afford their services, or at least that they charge a reasonable price for their work. Again, the more specifics you can provide the locksmith about your job, the better, as this will help them to develop a more accurate quote for the work you need them to complete.

These are just a few factors to consider when searching for the ideal locksmith for your job. For more information about hiring locksmiths in the 91304 ZIP code, contact the team at Locksmithology, Inc. today.

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