Five Tips to Protect Yourself When Leaving for Vacation

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Summer is finally here! Soon you’ll be packing your bags to embark on your annual family trip to the beach, or for a weeklong escape to an exotic destination. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to properly protect their house before they head to the airport. This can leave their home and belongings vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Nothing would ruin an otherwise perfect vacation more than coming home to find your home emptied of valuables. Taking a few simple precautions before a vacation can help ensure your home and everything inside it is still safe and sound once you return:

  • Keep plans off social media: We understand being excited for an upcoming getaway, but try to refrain from posting any specific details on social media. Announcing travelling plans online is practically an invitation to burglars, as it confirms to them that the house will be unoccupied. Wait to post beach selfies online until you’re safely home to keep intruders from targeting your property.
  • Check the doors and windows: It’s easy to forget final checks in the rush to get to the airport on time. But forgetting to lock a window or door leaves your house vulnerable. An unsecured door or window offers an easy point of entry for anyone attempting to sneak into your home. Take the time to check the locks before pulling out of the driveway. Additionally, don’t stash any spare keys underneath a decorative rock or the doormat. Intruders are well acquainted with many of these common hiding spots. It’s always better to have to call for an emergency locksmith in West Hills, CA if you’re locked out than to have your home compromised while you’re gone.
  • Empty the mailbox: Your home should still look lived-in even when you are away. Newspapers piled up on the driveway, an overflowing mailbox and packages at the door are all signs of an empty house. Have your mail and newspaper stopped for the duration of your trip. Ask a neighbor to put out the trash cans on garbage day to help keep everything looking as normal as possible.
  • Find a house sitter: Enlist a friend or hire someone to watch your house during an extended trip. Have that person water any houseplants, bring in the mail or even just check to make sure the basement hasn’t flooded in your absence. Not only will this keep the home safe, but it will also provide peace of mind.
  • Security upkeep: This is the simplest and most effective way to protect your home. Check that each lock is secure and functioning before hitting the road. Any vulnerable points should be fixed by an emergency locksmith in West Hills, CA as soon as possible. A potential burglar knows to look for any weak locks to enter your home. Many will be deterred as soon as they see these aren’t easy access points.

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