How Safe Is Your Business? Here Are Some Top Reasons to Maintain Your Locks

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Locks help keep your products, employees, processes and capital assets safe from intruders. Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t aware of the necessity of performing regular lock maintenance in order to keep locks operating smoothly and to ensure that they’re locking correctly.

Locks are complex mechanical devices that involve a number of moving parts to operate as intended. More complex locks, like those used in vaults and other sensitive commercial applications, require additional maintenance as well as regular examinations. It’s important to consult with a commercial locksmith in West Los Angeles, CA on a regular basis to ensure that you’re meeting the maintenance requirements of your locking system.

While lock maintenance is best handled by professionals, there are a number of things you can do to keep your locking mechanisms in good shape in between professional service appointments. Here are just some of the steps you can take to ensure that your locks are operating as intended:

  • Make sure the door is correctly hung: If a door isn’t hanging correctly on the hinges, it could damage the lock after a time, reducing its ability to safely keep would-be intruders at bay. The locking mechanism in the door may eventually bind if the door isn’t hanged correctly, causing you to become stuck either inside or outside of your business. The door should move freely on its hinges at all times.
  • Check the screws and strike plates: You should regularly perform visual inspections of the screws and strike plates on your commercial locks. The strike plates should sit evenly, completely flush with both the door and the doorframe. You may need to periodically tighten the screws on your locks; after a while, screws can become loose, especially with a door that’s in frequent use.
  • Lubricate as necessary: You should lubricate your locking mechanism at least once a year, as well as the door hinges. Depending on how often you use your door and the ambient conditions at your place of business, however, you may need to lubricate the locking mechanism more frequently. Never use oil-based lubricants on your locks—opt for dry lubricants, like Teflon, instead.
  • Clean regularly: Routinely cleaning your locking mechanism, hinges and door and doorframe are an essential part of maintaining your business’ locks. Using only a damp rag, or a rag with a small amount of mild dish detergent on it, slowly and gently clean all the visible parts of the locking mechanism. Avoid using abrasives or harsh chemical cleaners, as these may corrode and rust your locks.

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