Tips to Protect Yourself from Locksmith Scammers

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Most people want to assume the best about those around them. Unfortunately, though, the world is full of many people out to make a big buck no matter who they may hurt in the process, and some of the scams these people put together are incredibly complex.

For example, The New York Times reported in a piece from 2011 that some businesses will put together hundreds of websites for locksmith companies that are completely fake. They’ll even post pictures of storefronts and tons of positive reviews to draw you in. Once you hire them, these businesses will send someone out to handle the job who might not even be a locksmith and who will charge obscene prices.

So how do you avoid these scams? Let’s pretend for a minute that you’re in need of key duplication in West Hills, CA. When you head online to find a locksmith, watch out for the following signs that you’re dealing with a scammer:

  • Think about who’s on the other line: If you call a business number and it sounds like they don’t know the real name of the business, that’s suspicious. Look out for dispatchers who answer the phone with a generic “locksmith” or “service” and wait for you to direct them to a specific area of town.
  • Look out for words that indicate extra fees: When scammers sell services to you, they’ll likely put a low number in the estimate but also include some language that allows for lots of extra charges. For example, the dispatcher might say, “It’ll cost $25 and up to get you in the door.” This gives them wiggle room to push a lot of extra fees into the final cost.
  • Check out the locksmith’s ride and attire: Most reputable locksmith businesses have vehicles with some sort of advertisement of the business on them, like the business name. If the locksmith arrives at your place in a vehicle that’s not marked, this could indicate that she or he is not a real locksmith. Also, most real locksmiths will have an ID indicating their name and company, and also might wear a uniform.
  • Beware of any drill work: Good locksmiths are competent and can get you into most places without using a drill. Fake locksmiths might lie and say your locks are “high security” or “commercial” and must be drilled—in other words, destroyed—to open them. Then, they might replace the drilled lock with a cheap one and charge too much.

If you notice any of these red flags when you’re searching for key duplication in West Hills, CA, you’ll want to refuse service to avoid being scammed. Make sure to always work with a reputable locksmith company like Locksmithology, Inc. for all of your locksmith needs. For 15 years, we have provided Southern California residents and businesses with exceptional locksmiths who use the best equipment for the job.

Locksmithology, Inc. is unparalleled in offering top-quality services at low prices. Our experts can take care of any job at any time, so make sure to call today for more information!

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