How to Protect Your Property in an Evacuation Zone

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Everyone dreads the possibility of having to flee their home because of an emergency or disaster. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from doing everything in your power to prepare for such a situation. The reality is that hundreds of times a year, Americans are forced to leave their homes due to floods, wildfires and other events.

Thinking about and preparing for a disaster means you’ll be better able to protect your home and your family. Getting everything organized now is simply smart planning. The fact is that summer’s here, which means wildfire season is approaching.

One thing you can is consider the following leading locksmith tips in West Hills, CA. Keeping your property secure and ready to go is one part of emergency preparedness. Read on to find out how to protect what’s most valuable to you:

  • Prepare a kit: One of the most important steps is to have an emergency preparedness kit ready to go. This should include all the essentials, like food, water and first aid supplies. Keep it in an easily accessible place and make sure your entire family knows about the kit.
  • Keep a bolted-down safe: The sad reality is that evacuation orders often bring about thieves and looters. But you can protect your valuables with a bolted-down safe that’s 100 percent secure. Talk to an expert locksmith about installing a safe that will confound robbers.
  • Keep copies of valuable documents: Sometimes, disasters lead to losing things you simply can’t replace. That’s why it’s crucial to have copies of every vital document should an emergency situation occur. This includes your driver’s license, insurance documents, passports, medical records and Social Security cards.
  • Remember the pets: Having your pets microchipped and equipped with ID collars will mean it’s easier to find them should you get separated. You also want to have an essential kit for your pet ready to go. Keep a list of nearby hotels that are pet-friendly should you have to stay out of your house for an extended period.
  • Clear the yard: If you have time before evacuating, remove objects that come into contact with the home’s exterior, like wind chimes or birdhouses. Fierce winds can turn these into projectiles that will cause damage. The same goes for anything else outside that’s not nailed down, like lawn furniture and trash cans.
  • Utilities: Shut off the electricity, water and natural gas lines before evacuating. This will prevent additional damage like explosions, fires and floods from occurring. You will likely have to call the utility companies to restore service before returning home.

Evacuations are scary, but when you’re well prepared, you’re able to limit the damage. When you’re looking for locksmith tips in West Hills, CA, Locksmithology, Inc. is here to help. Our team has been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over a decade with services for residential and commercial clients alike.

Our customers know us for delivering the best service in Southern California. Our professional locksmiths are here to handle any job at any time. At Locksmithology, Inc., we are fully equipped with the latest tools and are professionally trained to handle locks of all kinds. Give us a call right now for more information and receive a free consultation!

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