Three Common Misconceptions About “DO NOT DUPLICATE” Keys

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Chances are, you’ve seen keys with DO NOT DUPLICATE stamped on them. Maybe you’ve wondered why, or wondered what would happen if such a key were duplicated. Well, as your local source for key copying in West Hills, CA, we’re here with the answers. Here are a few common misconceptions about DO NOT DUPLICATE keys.

Myth #1: Keys with the DO NOT DUPLICATE stamp cannot be duplicated

This is completely false. There is nothing special in the design of a key with the DO NOT DUPLICATE stamp that would prevent a locksmith, or anyone else with a key cutter, from duplicating the key. The DO NOT DUPLICATE is simply words stamped on the key and does not signify anything different or unique about the key itself. In fact, most DO NOT DUPLICATE keys are actually more common than certain other types of keys. There are actually keys that are known in the industry as “restricted” keys, which are designed and cut using special equipment, making these keys more difficult to copy.

Myth #2: It is illegal to duplicate a DO NOT DUPLICATE key

The DO NOT DUPLICATE stamped on the key has no legal ramifications, either. It is not illegal to duplicate one of these keys. It is not illegal for a locksmith to duplicate the key, or for you, or anyone else, to ask that the key be duplicated. In fact, the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) says that DO NOT DUPLICATE keys will be handled in the same manner. It is illegal, however, to duplicate restricted keys. These keys are covered by U.S. patent laws, so duplication rights are limited to the key’s original manufacturer.

Myth #3: DO NOT DUPLICATE keys offer greater security

Words like “no trespassing” can deter trespassers, so why wouldn’t DO NOT DUPLICATE deter someone with bad intentions from copying the key? Unfortunately, most individuals who would copy a key for malicious reasons know that the DO NOT DUPLICATE stamp is meaningless. In fact, locksmiths who are ALOA members are instructed to inform people looking to have DO NOT DUPLICATE stamped on their key that the use of the stamp only creates a false sense of security. In fact, someone seeing the stamp on the key may actually see that as a sign that you have something of value to protect!

What can you do for greater security?

If you are currently concerned that someone may have a copy of the key for your home or business, your best plan of action is to have a locksmith rekey your locks (make it so the old key no longer works in that lock) or replace the locks on your property. Another idea is to skip keys altogether and have smart electronic locks installed.

If you’re looking to have your locks changed, want to install a new lock system or simply need key copying in West Hills, CA, Locksmithology, Inc. is here to help. We offer all these services and more! Just give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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