Four Reasons Why You Should Stick to Licensed Locksmiths

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You likely always look for ways to save money, but needing a locksmith should not be considered one of those opportunities. Licensed mobile locksmiths in West Hills, CA offer the skills and background you can trust, and that is not guaranteed if you hire an unlicensed one. Here are four reasons to only hire licensed locksmiths:

  • Service guarantees: Licensed locksmiths carry insurance and must file a bond. This allows you remedies if they cause damage or workmanship is not up to standards. Many things can go wrong if locks are not installed correctly or lockout services do more than merely unlock your car. Vehicles with key fobs are especially expensive to repair when damaged. If you encounter these situations, you will feel glad you went with a locksmith with service guarantees, insurance and bonds to back up their service. You will not find that with an unlicensed locksmith.
  • Background checks: When you hire a locksmith, you are allowing them access to your private property. That places substantial trust in a stranger. When you hire a licensed locksmith, you are hiring an individual who passed a background investigation. Unlicensed locksmiths may break into your home or make extra keys to pass on to their connections in the criminal element. You take a big risk when you hire a locksmith, so at least know the one you find does not have a criminal background. That guarantee is only proven with licensed locksmiths.
  • Avoid scams: There are common locksmith scams in which an unlicensed locksmith drills out locks and then insists on selling new locks at inflated prices. This usually starts with a lower-than-expected estimate and then, once they are at your home, they present inflated costs in order to fix the damage they “discovered.” You are often left with two choices: argue over the damage and cost, or give in because home security becomes more important than the money. If you argue, then they threaten to call the police for theft of services, and that normally leads to a homeowner paying the extra costs. This happens every day, and you will have no remedies against the unlicensed work.
  • Work quality: Unlicensed locksmiths usually have little or no training. The work they perform on your locks will be substandard, and your home or business security will be compromised. You will likely have to hire a licensed locksmith to fix the damage and replace any substandard locks. That will cost you more than if you had hired a licensed locksmith in the first place. As indicated above, it is really not worth cutting corners when you need this work done.

California locksmiths must have a permit issued by the State of California Bureau of Investigative Service, Department of Consumer Affairs. If they regularly perform jobs that pay more than $500, they also need a contractor’s license. Be wary of any locksmiths who will not provide proof of permits or licensure.

Locksmithology, Inc. serves customers by offering licensed mobile locksmiths in West Hills, CA to help you no matter where you get locked out. Contact us any time you are locked out of your car or home.

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