Aren’t All Keys Made the Same? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Work with a Corporate Chain for Your New Keys

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Most homes and businesses need more than one key to allow all authorized parties to come and go as they please. It’s also wise to have an extra key available in the event you misplace your primary key. As such, duplicate keys are very necessary in most people’s lives. Ideally, you should plan the time to have copies made by hand by a professional before you’ll actually need them. However, your situation may not always work out this way.

Whether the need for duplicate keys is an emergency or not, out of desperation you might make the decision to utilize an automatic key-maker machine in a nearby big box store. You may be thinking this is an okay option, but in fact these keys are not at all the same as professionally-made keys. Sure, key machines are cheaper and faster, and maybe even more convenient, but the quality will likely be lower.

In short, all keys are not made the same, so make sure to work with a reputable key duplication service in West Hills, CA. Below are some reasons why you should go to a trusted local locksmith instead of using a nearby automatic key-maker when you need duplicate keys.

Worth the cost

Although working with a local locksmith for duplicate keys is more expensive than running it through a key-making machine, it’s well worth the cost. Price is not a drawback in this case due to the significant differences in quality and customer service. The saying “you get what you pay for” rings very true when it comes to keys. A locksmith is a real person standing in front of you, talking to you about your key. A key machine just sits there waiting for you to insert your key and input your credit card information.

Keys last longer

A cheap price is usually a sign of a cheap product. Right off the bat, consumers need to know that keys made by automatic key-maker machines won’t last as long as keys duplicated by locksmiths. People who’ve used these machines complain of bent keys, broken key teeth and damage to internal locking mechanisms, any one of which can happen in an astonishingly short amount of time.

On the other hand, locksmiths know the best metal and materials to use in making keys. Professionally-made keys don’t weather and warp easily, and many locksmiths back their duplicate key service with a quality guarantee.

Offer more key options

Automatic key-maker machines at corporate chain stores have limited options. They are designed to make standard duplicate keys for locks on traditional houses and business buildings, but not many other types of locks. If you need a key made for a safe, lawn equipment, shed or older door, a key machine likely cannot do it. And don’t even try copying a car key in a store key machine! Locksmiths offer numerous solutions because they have the skills, knowledge and tools to do so.

Locksmithology, Inc. is one of the most reputable key duplication services in West Hills, CA. You won’t regret bringing your keys to us. Call us today for more information.

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