Five Consumer Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Locksmith

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Local commercial locksmiths in West Hills, CA must be trusted to access other people’s property and provide security. For that reason, they have strict licensing and skill requirements. There are unlicensed locksmiths available, but it is unlikely they will prove trustworthy and you may experience scams or theft by hiring them. Here are five tips to avoid that scenario and find a trustworthy locksmith:

  • Check license status: Locksmiths must be registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Otherwise, they can’t rekey locks, create duplicate keys or perform any other services expected by a locksmith. Registration includes a background check so you know your locksmith does not have a criminal history. You can verify their license by calling (800) 952-5210 or visiting the Bureau’s website. If the work ordered costs more than $500, the locksmith must also have a contractor’s license. You can check the Contractors License Board website or call (916) 255-3900 to check statuses of contractors’ licenses.
  • Ask your insurance company: If you need a locksmith for a car lockout, call roadside assistance or your insurance company first. Both will vet locksmiths and send someone you know is licensed and trustworthy. If you do not carry roadside assistance, research locksmiths before you find yourself in this position. Otherwise you are more likely to hire substandard help and face the consequences of that decision—including theft or scams.
  • Request referrals: If any friends or family recently hired a locksmith, ask for their opinions. The same is true if you need services for your business—if you see that a neighboring business recently hired a locksmith, ask who they hired and what they thought of the service. Sometimes the best referrals are from those you already trust. If you need to start fresh with finding a locksmith, check online reviews and then use the links above to confirm their license status.
  • Ask for estimates: When you call for services, especially lockout services, ask for an estimate of charges. If the expenses end up being higher than originally quoted, request a written invoice so the charges are itemized. For automotive lockouts, the expenses should be covered by your roadside service. If the locksmith insists on extra payment from you rather than billing the service, call your service immediately. That should never happen unless your roadside service states the charges will be covered by you.
  • Check identification: All locksmiths should carry identification and proof of their license, including a Bureau-issued registration card. If they refuse to provide this identification, do not go through with the work until they produce it. This is the security of your home, business or car that’s at stake—it is not worth the risk if you are not certain the locksmith is legitimate. If the locksmith refuses to produce identification and insists on charging for the appearance, call the police immediately.

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