Protect Yourself with These Key Duplication Tips

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If you need to have a key duplicated, you’re probably going to want to get it done as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t find yourself in an emergency situation, nobody wants to have to wait around forever for keys to be made.

If you’ve recently changed your locks, locked yourself out or just want to give more people keys to your property, here are a few tips from our Los Angeles locksmiths to help you get the best results and ensure the safety and security of your property.

Always go with a professional locksmith

You do have the option of taking your keys to a hardware store or big box store for duplication, but you’ll frequently find these services lacking. Either they’ll lack exactly what you need, or you’ll have to settle for a part-time employee with no real training in locks, keys or locksmithing making your keys for you. Even with today’s updated equipment, it can be difficult to create an accurate key without the proper training.

Professional Los Angeles locksmiths have a significant amount of training in anything to do with locks or keys. You can trust they have plenty of experience in the key cutting process, meaning they’ll be much more reliable with taking a key blank and cutting it so it will precisely fit your lock.

Your locksmith will also be able to complete this service for you on the spot—you won’t have to drive out to the nearest hardware store offering this service to get it done. Why waste your time and energy going out of your way for a key that might not even be made correctly when you can have a skilled locksmith come out to your home and get the job done quickly and accurately?

This also makes for a great add-on service if you already have the locksmith performing other jobs around your home, such as rekeying locks or replacing them altogether.

Know who you’re giving keys to

Whether you’re getting new keys made for a commercial or residential property, it’s important that you know every single person who has a key and access to your space. For single-family residential properties, you’re likely to want a key for each adult in the family, possibly a key for responsible children and then a couple extras that you can either store somewhere safe or with someone else you trust (such as a neighbor or relative) to protect you in the event you get locked out.

Multifamily residential properties, such as apartment buildings, will usually give their tenants a couple keys each. Depending on the policies for keys stated in your lease, you may or may not be allowed to copy these keys without getting permission from the landlord.

For commercial office buildings, make sure you have a thorough system in place for tracking who has keys to the building and how many keys you’ve distributed. Keys should be distributed on an as-needed basis only.

For more information about protecting yourself when you get duplicate keys made, contact Locksmithology, Inc. to speak with one of our Los Angeles locksmiths today.

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