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Commercial & Residential Locksmith Santa Monica

Californians rely on our locksmiths for lockouts, installations and repairs!

A locksmith can really get you out of a bind when you’re shut out of your home or office. At Locksmithology, we’re ready to come to your rescue, but we offer many services beyond home or business lockouts. You can call upon our expert locksmiths in Santa Monica to meet a multitude of security goals. We can professionally install many types of lock and access control hardware. From good old-fashioned locks and keys to biometric safes, our commercial and residential locksmiths have the resources to protect your property and increase your peace of mind.

Trustworthy, professional locksmiths

Locksmithology employs expert locksmiths in Santa Monica who have passed background checks. Our company is licensed, insured and bonded so you can hire us with confidence.

Complete lock and safe services

We can do so much more than get a door open when you're locked out. If a job involves locks or safes, we can find the right solution for you. From copying more keys for you to moving a safe, our local locksmiths much do it all. Locksmithology has competitive prices and provides clear upfront estimates about installation costs.

Commercial locksmith services

We work with all types of lock hardware and can help you select the best system for your business. Whether you just need some deadbolt locks or an electronic keyless entry system throughout a large building, our expert commercial locksmiths in Santa Monica can attend to every detail.

Call us first for:

  • business lockouts
  • lock re-keying
  • lock repair
  • lock replacement
  • master keys
  • high-security lock systems
  • electric door operators
  • safe lockouts
  • touchless access
  • keypad locks
  • security chimes
  • mailbox locks
Access Control

If it’s been a while since you changed the locks at your Santa Monica business, consider changing your locks. Former employees could have spare keys or remember access codes. Although most people would not take advantage of such knowledge, you don’t want to fall victim to a bad actor who crosses your path. New locks represent a small investment next to the losses that could occur due to compromised security. Consult with a Santa Monica commercial locksmith today.

Residential locksmith services

The frustrating inconvenience of getting locked out of your home represents the typical scenario when you think about hiring a residential locksmith in Santa Monica. Although home lockouts are one of our primary services, you should consider how much more we can do to keep your property secure. We supply many types of decorative and high-security hardware as well as electronic locking solutions.

Rely on Locksmithology for:

  • home lockouts
  • lock replacement
  • lock repair
  • lock re-keying
  • smart lock installation
  • peep holes
  • deadbolt lock installation
  • childproof locks
  • sliding door locks
  • keyless entry systems
  • CCTV cameras
  • safe opening

While enhancing the appearance of your store, our Santa Monica business locksmiths also can install security upgrades like door reinforcements or high-security lock systems. Ask us about all our options.

If the locks at your houseare getting worn out or just weren’t that great to begin with, home burglars will see that as a vulnerability. A weak lock might only deter an intruder for under a minute. A locksmith can evaluate your home and recommend products that will form a stronger deterrent to break-ins. Deadbolts or door reinforcement will make your home in Santa Monica less likely to be targeted by criminals.

A Santa Monica residential locksmith can also help you with a variety of issues around the house. We could open an antique cabinet or desk that your family has lost the key for. Alternatively, we can install new locks on old cabinets with broken locks so that they become useful again.

Safecracking and related services

Many homeowners also have safes. These lock boxes offer an effective means of protecting valuables and documents. Business owners also rely on safes to deter theft. However, as mechanical devices, they are not immune to breaking. Ask us about repair before assuming you have to buy a new safe. If you have lost the combination code, we can help you. Our Santa Monica safecrackers have the tools and knowledge to open your safe and then repair it so that you can continue using it.

Trust us for your safe problems or concerns, like…

  • safe lockouts
  • conversion of keyed safe to combination safe
  • safe combination resets
  • installation of electronic, mechanical, or biometric safes
  • safe bolting and securing
Our advice and supplies could allow you to set up a hidden and highly secure safe in your home or business. We can mount safes with bolts so that they are very difficult to remove from the premises.

Emergency locksmith services

When bad luck strikes and you get locked out of your own building or safe, sometimes you can’t wait for normal business hours. Locksmithology has locksmiths on call who can help you in Santa Monica after hours.

If you want to avoid an emergency call, contact us for lock repairs or key copying. Maintenance or an extra set of keys could prevent a lockout from occurring in the first place. If you have been thinking about upgrading the locks at your home or business, don’t wait for an emergency before calling us. Our locksmiths in Santa Monica have products available that will heighten security at your location.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Santa Monica on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.


Can a safe be cracked?

Although movies like to show safe cracking as an art done by listening to the lock mechanism, real-life safe cracking does not look like this. It is entirely possible for a trained locksmith to open a safe by using the correct tools and applying knowledge of how the safe is constructed. Our safecrackers in Santa Monica study the designs of all major types of safes and know the best methods for opening them.

How do master keys work?

Locks keyed to work with a master key contain two shear lines. A shear line allows a lock to turn when a key moves all lock pins into position. A lock with two shears lines makes it possible for two different keys to open the lock. Master keys are useful for reducing the number of keys that a Santa Monica building manager has to carry.

Does a locksmith have to be licensed?

Yes. The State of California requires all individuals and companies in the locksmith trade to acquire licensing. The process involves passing a criminal background check because a commercial or residential locksmith cannot have a felony record. This makes sense because you, as a consumer, do not want someone of questionable character working on the locks at your home or business.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Locksmithology Santa Monica supplies a full-range 24/7 locksmith and digital security solutions. Our solutions vary from regular lock fixes to complex, multi-layer, and multi-site systems. We have been supplying security and reassurance to customers for more than 17 years.

  • 17+ Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Local Locksmiths
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Seasoned and Skilled Professionals
  • Rated 5 Stars by Our Customers
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Prompt and Cost-Effective Service

Access control services

  • Digital Keypads
  • Electronic Door Closers
  • Smart Home Installation
  • Exit Buttons
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Telephone Intercoms
  • Telephone Intercom
  • Installations
  • Buzz-In Entry Systems
  • Remote Controls
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Doorbells
Access Control

Why choose Locksmithology?

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Timely and Affordable Service

Timely and Affordable Service

Dependable and Secure Locks

Dependable and Secure Locks

Knowledgeable About New Technology

Knowledgeable About New Technology

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