I would give 100 stars if I could. I have never rated any business before but I cannot praise Eric the owner of Locksmithology enough. I live in a very safe neighborhood in a brand new condo building but each resident has storage units that the builder stupidly made open to the public in the public parking portion of our building. I have called Eric multiple times over that last 2 years to install locks on my storage unit door because we have had a bunch of break ins in the storage units. He gets someone over to assist almost always the next day. I should add that during our most recent break ins a few days ago the thieves tried to use a crowbar to get into my storage unit but couldn’t get through the 2 deadbolts installed by Eric and his team. Eric the owner of Locksmithology is extremely responsive, kind, and incredibly helpful. Truly, I can’t recommend Locksmithology enough!

Ali Rambis Avatar Ali Rambis
February 24, 2022

Very personable, great character, great work! Highly recommend!

Raimarie Hughes Avatar Raimarie Hughes
November 17, 2021

Eric is always available and so helpful

Amy Rosen Avatar Amy Rosen
November 17, 2021

We are a custom home builder & renovator General Contractor and we consistently need someone knowledgeable and skilled with installation of all different kinds of door hardware. We can always count on Locksmithology. They’re Responsive and performs high quality work. There isn’t anything we can throw at them that they can not handle. Thank you again guys.
-Mega Builders, Inc.

Belin Davidov (Mega Builders, INC.) Avatar Belin Davidov (Mega Builders, INC.)
November 17, 2021

The owner Eric Itelman is amazing, and currently knowledgeable and efficient locksmith when it comes to installing my new locks. I learned and gained valuable information about my new lock system that I was unfamiliar with. He explained everything to me whenever I had a question and gave me an answer. The new locks that I received are beautiful looking as well as substantially safe. The keys are personally mine and designed to fit my doorlock. I'm very happy with the service he provided and would recommend him to my family, friends and whoever needed new locks. Loraine A. Bogin

loraine A. Bogin Avatar loraine A. Bogin
August 17, 2021

Eric is a real professional locksmith. Thanks alot for all the work. I really appreciate your work, good job

Troy Kuramarohit Avatar Troy Kuramarohit
July 17, 2021

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