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Five Helpful Tips for Identifying a Trustworthy Locksmith

January 17, 2020 12:39 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Although locksmith services may not be something you think about until an emergency situation arises, finding a trustworthy Los Angeles County locksmith that you can rely on ahead of time can provide a significant advantage in the event that you are ever locked out of your home or car. Follow along with this guide for a few tips on how to identify and select the best locksmith for all of your residential lock and key needs: Licensed, bonded and insured: In order for a locksmith to successfully meet all of your needs, they must take the safety and security of your home as seriously as you do. When searching for a locksmith, look for companies that are fully insured and... View Article

Aren’t All Keys Made the Same? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Work with a Corporate Chain for Your New Keys

December 28, 2019 12:58 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Most homes and businesses need more than one key to allow all authorized parties to come and go as they please. It’s also wise to have an extra key available in the event you misplace your primary key. As such, duplicate keys are very necessary in most people’s lives. Ideally, you should plan the time to have copies made by hand by a professional before you’ll actually need them. However, your situation may not always work out this way. Whether the need for duplicate keys is an emergency or not, out of desperation you might make the decision to utilize an automatic key-maker machine in a nearby big box store. You may be thinking this is an okay option, but... View Article

Five Important Reasons to Seek Out a Certified Local Locksmith for Help with Your Locks

December 14, 2019 12:58 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you have house keys, car keys, office keys, safe keys or any other kinds of keys that work in a lock, than chances are you’ve lost track of a key at some point. Then there are situations where one of your home’s or business’s locks needs to be repaired or replaced due to age or damage. All these instances and others call for a locksmith—but an experienced locksmith, not a door-to-door service sales person claiming to be a locksmith. After all, locks secure your home and everything you own inside of it, and protect you and your family from wrongdoers. You need to be able to trust them. To ensure your safety and security, search for a qualified person... View Article

Five Consumer Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Locksmith

December 6, 2019 2:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Local commercial locksmiths in West Hills, CA must be trusted to access other people’s property and provide security. For that reason, they have strict licensing and skill requirements. There are unlicensed locksmiths available, but it is unlikely they will prove trustworthy and you may experience scams or theft by hiring them. Here are five tips to avoid that scenario and find a trustworthy locksmith: Check license status: Locksmiths must be registered with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Otherwise, they can’t rekey locks, create duplicate keys or perform any other services expected by a locksmith. Registration includes a background check so you know your locksmith does not have a criminal history. You can verify their license by calling (800)... View Article

Four Reasons Why You Should Stick to Licensed Locksmiths

November 22, 2019 2:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

You likely always look for ways to save money, but needing a locksmith should not be considered one of those opportunities. Licensed mobile locksmiths in West Hills, CA offer the skills and background you can trust, and that is not guaranteed if you hire an unlicensed one. Here are four reasons to only hire licensed locksmiths: Service guarantees: Licensed locksmiths carry insurance and must file a bond. This allows you remedies if they cause damage or workmanship is not up to standards. Many things can go wrong if locks are not installed correctly or lockout services do more than merely unlock your car. Vehicles with key fobs are especially expensive to repair when damaged. If you encounter these situations, you... View Article