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Count on our expert locksmiths for a secure solution for your home, business or safe.

All homes and businesses in California have something in common: No matter their size or purpose, every building has locks. Day in and day out, locks quietly perform their function. Continual use; however, can wear down their mechanisms over time. As the years go by, more and more people may have copies of keys. Eventually, this situation calls for lock replacement or re-keying to ensure proper security. Our licensed, bonded and insured commercial and residential locksmiths in Simi Valley can handle any hardware-related security issues at your property.

If it locks, we know what to do

Locksmithology provides complete locksmith services in Simi Valley. We have an experienced team of thoroughly vetted professional locksmiths who possess the training and specialized tools to work on all sorts of locks, including:

  • mechanical locks
  • electronic locks
  • biometric locks
  • antique locks

Commercial Locksmith Services

Our experts are only a phone call away when businesses need routine or emergency locksmith services. As your facility grows, we can maintain your master key system, install keypad electronic locks or re-key locks when you have concerns about missing keys.

Our skills apply to many services, like:

  • business lockouts
  • lock replacement
  • lock re-keying
  • safety deposit box lockouts
  • safety deposit box installation
  • mailbox lockouts
  • mailbox lock installation
  • master key services
  • key copying
  • intercoms and door buzzers
  • CCTV cameras
  • cash drop boxes
  • electronic door operators
  • safe opening
Access Control

We understand how running a business in California can scatter your attention in many directions. Despite the distractions, you should not put off contacting a Simi Valley commercial locksmith after certain events. Security is mission critical, and momentary lapse can cut into profits.

Top business reasons to call a locksmith:

  • keys have been reported stolen or missing
  • you had to fire an employee who had keys
  • you have acquired a new building
  • you need a master key

Expert Simi Valley residential locksmiths

Simi Valley Homeowners and landlords receive prompt and professional service from Locksmithology. We’re your best source for information when you have questions about securing your properties. Although we’re highly experienced with traditional lock-and-key hardware, we stay on top of technological security advances. If you’d like to stop carrying so many keys, we are a supplier and installer of smart locks in Simi Valley. Ask us how we can help with:

  • home lockouts
  • lock replacement
  • lock re-keying
  • lock repair
  • installation/repair: electronic locks
  • childproof locks
  • door hardware upgrades
  • door reinforcement
  • mailbox lock installation
  • mailbox lockouts
  • safe installation

While enhancing the appearance of your home, our Simi Valley residential locksmiths also can install security upgrades like door reinforcements or high-security lock systems. Ask us about all the options we offer.

An expert residential locksmith in Simi Valley can help you apply the best solution for your situation. For example, when you move into a new house, you naturally want new keys. Your first impulse might be to purchase entirely new locks. However, if you already have good locks and door knobs, you could do just as well by re-keying them. You avoid throwing away good hardware while making sure to lock out anyone who still has an old key.

You may also find that hiring a locksmith in Simi Valley represents a good value because we can save your precious time. Not everyone wants to break out tools on their day off and work on every door to the house. Outsource lock changes to us and preserve your leisure time. One of our locksmiths can complete your job efficiently. We do quality work and follow the principle that a customer should be 100% satisfied.

Top reasons to call a Simi Valley commercial, residential or safe locksmith:

  • keys to the house have gone missing
  • you recently had to kick out a roommate
  • your keys are getting stuck in the locks
  • your locks are broken
  • you just moved into a new house

Simi Valley safecracking and installation

Investing in a safe for your home or business enhances security for your valuables. A safe of your own offers tremendous convenience as well. You have 24-hour access to your safe unlike commercial safety deposit boxes that are only available during business hours.

If you would like to install a new safe in Simi Valley, Locksmithology can meet all of your expectations. You’ll have multiple styles to choose from, and we can handle installation.

Come to us for:

  • wall safes
  • in-ground safes
  • floor safes
  • covert safes
In addition to safe installation, we perform safe openings and maintenance. Our safe specialists are educated in the workings of mechanical, electronic or biometric safes. We gain our knowledge from the engineers at the leading safe manufacturers. Our Simi Valley safecrackers will choose the best method for opening your safe if you lose the key, the combination or experience some type of malfunction.

Rely on our expertise for:

  • safe lockouts
  • conversion of a mechanical safe to electronic lock
  • safe relocation
  • safe combination resets
  • safe lock changes
  • safe bolting
  • good rates for great locksmiths

We perform highly detailed work that solves problems. You’ll find our rates very competitive considering the quality of our work. We accept jobs of any size from opening a door lock in Simi Valley to setting up keyless entry systems throughout large facilities.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Simi Valley on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.


Are you an emergency locksmith in Simi Valley?

Yes, Locksmithology offers emergency locksmith services in Simi Valley outside of normal business hours. We have locksmiths on call who can respond when you have been locked out of a home or business.

Can I trust a locksmith?

Hiring a Simi Valley locksmith involves trust because that professional works on equipment necessary for security. In accordance with California law, we are a fully licensed service provider. Additionally, each locksmith must undergo a criminal background check. We’re always happy to provide our licensing credentials and advise you to never hire a casual locksmith who does not have a current license.

How can a locksmith help an Airbnb host in Simi Valley?

Short-term rentals help people earn extra money from their properties, but letting renters into your home presents security challenges. This is why you might wish to consult a locksmith in Simi Valley about a smart lock system. Many smart lock brands allow you to set up temporary access codes. You would give those codes to your guests and cancel the codes after their stay had concluded. This is an excellent solution for homeowners who are not near the property they are renting and cannot realistically pass out or collect physical keys.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Locksmithology Simi Valley supplies a full-range 24/7 locksmith and digital security solutions. Our solutions vary from regular lock fixes to complex, multi-layer, and multi-site systems. We have been supplying security and reassurance to customers for more than 17 years.

  • 17+ Years of Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Local Locksmiths
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Seasoned and Skilled Professionals
  • Rated 5 Stars by Our Customers
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Prompt and Cost-Effective Service

Access control services

  • Digital Keypads
  • Electronic Door Closers
  • Smart Home Installation
  • Exit Buttons
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Telephone Intercoms
  • Telephone Intercom
  • Installations
  • Buzz-In Entry Systems
  • Remote Controls
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Doorbells
Access Control

Why choose Locksmithology?

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Timely and Affordable Service

Timely and Affordable Service

Dependable and Secure Locks

Dependable and Secure Locks

Knowledgeable About New Technology

Knowledgeable About New Technology

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