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When you think of critical occupations we all depend on, you might not immediately imagine the people who maintain and install locks. Nevertheless, many of the basic practices we may be inclined to take for granted require the expertise of a locksmith. At Locksmithology, we do more than help when you’re locked out. Although you can count on us around the clock in the event of a lockout, our knowledgeable Encino locksmiths are qualified to perform the services you need to protect your home or business.

Why hire a professional locksmith in Encino?

There are times when we should call a locksmith, but we are tempted to try to solve the problem on our own. When it comes to securing your home or business, it is generally best to consult a professional. Installing hardware improperly or letting a problematic lock linger indefinitely can lead to costlier problems in the future. Choosing the wrong security device for a door or window may fail to deter a break-in that may have been preventable. Locksmithology will advise and support you in creating and implementing the right security system for your Encino home or place of business.

Commercial locksmith services

When you leave your place of business, you want to know your valuable merchandise and equipment will remain secure overnight. We provide a variety of security solutions to warehouses, office spaces, restaurants, and retail stores. Our Encino commercial locksmiths will also be at your service when common mishaps arise. We can help if your or your employee has lost or forgotten a combination. If your business has outgrown its current security system, we’ll recommend the most appropriate upgrades.

Access Control

Business lockouts

Getting locked out of your place of business can disrupt your entire day. Our technicians handle business lockout requests with urgency and professionalism. We will dispatch a locksmith with the right tools to your location so you can get back to business.

Panic bar installations

Installing a panic bar allows building occupants to exit safely with greater ease in the event of an emergency. Federal regulations call for businesses that employ more than a few onsite employees to install at least two fire exits to minimize panic and confusion if a fire occurs. We can make your commercial space safer and ensure your doors comply with the law. Our locksmiths remain up to date on fire safety regulations and the latest developments in panic bar hardware. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll review your exit doors, and make recommendations if necessary.

Residential locksmith services

An Encino residential locksmith from Locksmithology can help you protect your family members and valuable items. We help customers sleep better at night and feel more at ease when they are away from home.

Installing and rekeying residential locks

When you move into a new apartment or house, you may be astonished to learn how many people have a key to your front door. We recommend changing the locks whenever you move. Changing the locks will allow you to exercise more control over who has access to your home.

If you are on a budget, you may be able to secure your home by rekeying the locks. Rekeying alters the locks’ internal mechanism to prevent the existing keys from granting access. You may also prefer to rekey the locks if you have the same style of lock on all the doors in your home. We can change the inner workings to allow you to be able to use a single key for all locks in your home that are of the same style.

Residential lock repair

You may have a tricky lock that sticks from time to time. A stubborn lock is often the first sign that it’s time to call a locksmith. As locks near the end of their lifecycle, they may require extra force. Call a locksmith when your lock begins to require exact positioning, excessive force, or other odd quirks to maintain functionality. Sticky or otherwise malfunctioning locks can also leave your home more vulnerable to being picked by criminals.

Why choose Locksmithology?

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Timely and Affordable Service

Timely and Affordable Service

Dependable and Secure Locks

Dependable and Secure Locks

Knowledgeable About New Technology

Knowledgeable About New Technology

Safe locksmith: residential & commercial

Every residential household can benefit from having a safe. From storing cash and valuables to protecting important documents from water damage and fire, a safe can serve multiple functions depending on your needs. Our local safe locksmiths in Encino specialize in home or office safe lockouts, installations and replacements.

Choosing a safe

Not all safes are created equal. Several factors dictate the type of safe you will need. Warehouses and non climate-controlled environments often call for products that are humidity-proof and can withstand extreme temperatures. You may opt to have a safe that can be mounted to the floor or built into a wall. We often recommend gun safes for securely storing firearms to prevent unauthorized access. Trying to decipher fire resistance ratings and other factors that differentiate safes from one another can be confusing. Our locksmiths will recommend the most appropriate product for your Encino home or business.

Safe opening services

It’s not uncommon for homeowners and businesses to lose the combination to a safe. If this has happened to you, there’s no need to panic. Our locksmiths can help you regain access to safe contents.

We can also boost security by changing the combination to your safe. If you have shared your business’ safe combination with employees who have since left the company, we recommend regularly changing the combination to limit the number or people who have access.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Encino on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Locksmithology Encino supplies a full-range 24/7 locksmith and digital security solutions. Our solutions vary from regular lock fixes to complex, multi-layer, and multi-site systems. We have been supplying security and reassurance to customers for more than 17 years.

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Access control services

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