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After working diligently to launch, maintain, and grow your business, it’s only natural that you want to protect your commercial property. Like residential households, businesses use a variety of locks and keys to keep their commercial space secure. Commercial locksmiths play an essential role in protecting businesses and their valuable items. Locksmithology provides commercial locksmith services in Encino and surrounding areas.

Why every business needs a commercial locksmith

Businesses and residences have different needs when it comes to security. Stores, showrooms, and warehouses have merchandise that may be susceptible to theft or vandalism. A business may keep cash onsite. Although businesses store information digitally, sensitive data a physical security breach can compromise sensitive data. Customer information, important documents, and trade secrets require secure filing systems, safes, and reliable door locks. Pairing a gate or garage with a high-security lock can prevent thieves and vandals from targeting commercial vehicles. The experts at Locksmithology have an extensive range of solutions for Encino businesses.

Commercial locksmith services in Encino

Lockouts and lock installation are the most common services people imagine when they think of locksmiths. However, our skilled technicians can do much more to keep your business secure. Your local commercial locksmith can also install, repair, and maintain:

  • padlocks
  • panic bars
  • security keypads
  • master key systems
  • safes

Panic bars

Also referred to as a crash bar, a panic bar can be used to quickly unlock a door in an emergency situation. These devices consist of a spring-loaded metal bar that is positioned horizontally on the inside of the door to a building entrance or exit. Pressing on the bar activates a mechanism that unlatches the door. The International Building Code calls for certain doors in commercial buildings to have a panic bar. Our locksmiths can determine whether your building’s exit needs a panic bar.  

Business safe services

Most businesses have tangible items of importance they wish to protect. Not only can theft be a threat from inside and outside sources, but an event like a fire or a flood can also compromise the safety of the items stored in a commercial building. Choosing the right safe locksmith in Encino for your business needs can safeguard your business’ valuables from being misplaced, stolen or damaged. A locksmith can help you choose the right safe for your business.

There are several factors that directly determine the type of safe you should choose for your building. These factors include:

  • contents
  • size
  • location

The most important detail you will need to evaluate when choosing a commercial safe is the type of items you will need to store. It is generally easier to find a safe that will fit smaller items whereas you may encounter challenges if you are looking for a safe that will accommodate larger or irregularly-shaped items. A fireproof safe is a necessity for flammable items like paper documents.

The area in which you will store your safe may call for the safe to have certain features. For example, you may want a safe that fits under a desk. in a closet. Some safes can be mounted to fit discreetly into an opening in a wall.

Lock replacement and rekeying

There are several reasons a business may want to change the lock on a door. A former employee may have left the company without returning the key. A burglar may have broken into the building. The current lock may be showing signs of wear and tear.

In certain cases lock replacement is the most appropriate solution. A lock that is sticking or otherwise not working properly should be replaced. However, in other situations, rekeying the lock would be a more economical way to achieve the desired outcome. Rekeying changes the mechanisms on the inside of a lock in a way that requires the locksmith to create a new key to operate the lock. The original key will no longer unlock the lock. Having locks rekeyed can simplify your security system by allowing a single key to unlock multiple doors that have the same type of lock. A business may also opt to rekey the locks if too many people have copies of keys to the current locks.

Business owners are often unaware of the key differences between rekeying and replacing a lock. Our technicians will help you decide which option is best for you.

Commercial lockout service

With so many keys to keep track of, there are many opportunities for a commercial lockout to happen. You may misplace the key to a business mailbox or file cabinet. A sudden change in management can leave you without keys to a safe. Even something as simple as exiting to take out the trash after hours and forgetting to bring the keys to a self-locking door can result in you being locked out. Locksmithology can help in each of these instances. If you’re stuck outside without our keys , give us a call. We offer 24/7 emergency lockout services to businesses.

Choosing a commercial lock system

Your business’ lock system is its first line of defense against potential security threats. Whether you are constructing a commercial building from the ground up or upgrading the building’s current locks, consulting a locksmith will allow you to make informed decisions. Traditional door locks are durable enough to get the job done. However, more companies are realizing the advantages of implementing an electronic lock system.

Electronic locks offer the convenience of remote locking and unlocking and keypad access. Businesses can grant access without distributing copies of keys. Changing access can be done without physically changing or rekeying the lock. Nevertheless, electronic locks aren’t for everyone. We recommend consulting a locksmith to weigh the pros and cons of adding an electronic lock system to your business’ security plan.

Encino businesses call the pros at Locksmithology to keep their properties secure. Contact us to learn more about the most effective locksmith solutions. We will help you protect your most valuable business assets. Our team is also available around the clock to provide Encino emergency lockout services.

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How can I tell if it’s time to replace a lock?

Locks that are often passed off as “tricky” may actually be showing signs of deterioration. The internal components of the lock no longer move smoothly, the lock may have excessive wear. We recommend replacing the lock before the lock breaks and leaves you locked out.

Can you help my business make the switch from traditional locks to smart locks?

Yes! Electronic locks, also known as smart locks, are available with a variety of features that may be of benefit to you and anyone else you want to have varying levels of access to your business. We can help you choose the right electronic lock system and install it for you.

What are high-security locks?

High-security locks are more resistant to the most common strategies intruders use to gain access. They are more difficult to unlock by using a drill or a pick. These locks are not 100% fail-proof. However, burglars are more likely to attract unwanted attention to themselves and be caught while struggling to tamper with a high-security lock. Many high-security locks also have an electronic component.

Do you provide emergency lockout service?

We do! If you are locked out of your business, you can call us anytime. We’ll work quickly to dispatch a knowledgeable locksmith to your location and get you back inside.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Encino on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.

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Your Safety Is Our Priority

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