Residential locksmith

Residential locksmith
in Encino, California

House locksmiths for lockouts, lock changes,
replacements and installations.

Most people only think of locksmiths when they’ve misplaced or damaged a key. However, locksmiths have skills that make life easier in a variety of everyday situations. Because we have working locks on our doors, we can feel confident in leaving our homes unattended during the day and sleep soundly inside at night. Real estate professionals and property managers also rely heavily on locksmiths to provide essential services that benefit homebuyers and renters while protecting property owners’ valuable assets. Locksmithology provides residential locksmith services throughout Encino and surrounding areas.

What does a residential locksmith do?

Locksmiths’ services aren’t limited to opening doors and changing locks. A residential locksmith can provide assistance with a variety of security solutions. Encino residents call the professionals at Locksmithology for:

  • traditional lock installation
  • lock repair
  • copying and replacing lost keys
  • rekeying locks
  • high-security lock installation
  • electronic access systems
  • recommending and installing residential safes

Installing traditional locks

When you move into a new house or apartment, changing the locks might not be the first order of business that comes to mind. However, the advantages of changing the locks are numerous. When moving out prior to your arrival, the previous residents most likely returned the keys to the current locks. However, people often make multiple copies of keys to their home. Between the realtor, property manager, past residents, service providers, and friends or family members of the past residents, you can never be sure of how many people actually have a key to your new home’s old locks. Installing fresh locks will allow you more control over who has a key. Does your home have a lock that can be stubborn or “tricky?” Eliminate the guesswork by replacing the lock altogether.  

Lock repair

You probably use your home’s locks several times each day. Like other mechanical parts, the components of a lock can eventually get stuck or even break as a result of wear and tear. Some types of lock damage are repairable while others call for the lock to be replaced. Signs of lock damage include:

  • lock no longer latching into the correct position due to misalignment
  • door no longer closing completely
  • lock looks or sounds like it has a broken component
  • key doesn’t insert completely
  • key requires jiggling to get it in place

Rekeying a lock

Does your home have an interior door that you carefully avoid locking because you don’t have a key? Changing the lock may not be your only option. Rekeying changes a lock’s internal mechanisms to prevent the old keys from opening the lock. The locksmith will produce a new key that will work with the rekeyed lock. Similar to changing your locks, rekeying is a way to regain control of who has a key to your home. You may also want to rekey the locks in your home for convenience. For example, you may have the same style of lock on multiple doors, but the locks require different keys. A locksmith can rekey the locks and make it possible for you to operate all of the locks with a single key. In addition to increasing security and reducing the number of keys you need for your home, having a lock rekeyed can also save money. When you replace a lock, you will have to purchase a new lock. Rekeying only requires the locksmith’s skills and labor.

High-security locks

High-security door locks provide more durable protection against destruction and manipulation. Potential intruders have a more difficult time duplicating keys to breach these locks. These locks are more resistant against common burglary strategies that involve the use of picks and drills or bumping a traditional lock to disrupt the internal pins and tumblers. There are several reasons you may opt to secure your home with high-security locks:

  • needing additional protection in high-crime areas
  • easing safety concerns following a divorce or domestic disturbance
  • wanting to upgrade to a digital security system that allows remote access
  • simplifying guest check-in for a vacation rental
  • allowing family members and visitors access without leaving a copy of the key
  • adding a layer of security to rooms and storage areas in which you store high-value or particularly expensive items

A locksmith can install high-security locks on doors and windows. They often include a technological component that requires a passcode or authorization from a digital device. High-security locks do not provide perfect security. However, if you have an alarm system, these locks are typically complex enough to keep intruders occupied outside until the police arrive.

Electronic locks

We often refer to electronic locks as “smart” locks. Smart locks combine traditional components of a lock, such as a latch or bolt, with an actuator that connects the lock to a small motor. An electrical impulse triggers the motor to operate the lock. The electrical impulse can come from a wireless remote sensor, a keypad, or an electronic card reader.

More and more Encino residents are implementing smart locks into the security layers of their residential properties. These locks are cost-effective as they can easily be reprogrammed to improve security without the need to call a locksmith. They allow for remote access without producing and distributing copies of keys. They also minimize the security risk posed by misplacing a key.

Safes in your home

If you’ve seen people in movies storing large sums of cash in a safe, you may feel like you don’t need one. On the contrary, storing cash is only one of the many functions a safe can serve. Most households need a secure, indestructible storage device in which they can keep valuable items. Safes can protect vital documents like birth certificates, licenses, and deeds from the threats of theft, fires, natural disasters, or innocently misplacing the item. The Encino safe locksmiths at Locksmithology can help you choose the best safe for your needs based on the following factors:

  • burglary rating
  • fire rating
  • size
  • portability
  • overall cost

Residential locksmith in Encino, CA

The professionals at Locksmithology offer a comprehensive range of security solutions. Contact us to learn how we can help you feel safer in your Encino, CA home.

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Are you available 24/7 for residential lockouts?

Yes! Our locksmiths are available around the clock. Call us if you’re locked out!

Can you help us childproof our home?

Yes! Our technicians can help you take safe and practical steps to childproof your home and keep small children safe while they explore their surroundings.

What should I do if I think my door is unsturdy?

We can re-enforce your homes doors and doorframes to make them more secure.

Do you install smart locks?

We do! We can help you choose the right smart lock system for your specific needs.

Can I add a keyless entry lock to my home?

Yes. We offer keyless entry and electronic lock installation.

What should I do if a lock is sticking?

Call us to replace the lock before the problem becomes worse. Sticking is often a sign of wear and tear. If the mechanisms inside a lock eventually break, a lockout may result.

I locked my front door, and I don’t have a key. Can you help?

Yes! We can unlock the door and rekey or replace the lock to minimize the risk of future lockouts.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Encino on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.

Why choose Locksmithology?

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Your Safety Is Our Priority

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Timely and Affordable Service

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Dependable and Secure Locks

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Knowledgeable About New Technology