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Let our expert safe locksmiths unlock, install or replace the perfect safe for home or office.

You may be aware of all the benefits of keeping a safe onsite to securely store certain valuable items. But did you know your safe requires maintenance? Environmental factors can cause corrosion and make it impossible to open your safe without professional help. Whether your safe requires repair or if you simply don’t have access to the combination or keys, an Encino safe locksmith can help you regain access to the valuable contents inside. Locksmithology provides expert safe opening services in Encino and surrounding areas.

Calling a professional to open a safe in Encino

If you’ve discovered you can’t open your safe, you may be tempted to try anything to open the door. Attempting to open a safe on your own increases the risk of damage to the safe, and doing so can even be potentially hazardous. Locksmiths have the specialized knowledge and tools to reopen your safe without putting you at risk of being injured.

Reasons you can’t open your safe

There are several reasons you may find that you are unable to access items you locked inside of a safe. Contact the professionals at Locksmithology if:

  • you don’t have the keys or combination
  • the combination has shifted
  • the lock is damaged
  • the safe is in lockout mode
  • the safe requires maintenance
  • the bolts are jammed
  • the internal wiring is damaged

Lost keys or combination

When choosing your safe, you probably weighed the pros and cons of security storage products with different types of locks. Safes can have:  

    ● key locks

    ● mechanical combination locks

    ● electronic combination locks

If your safe has a key lock, misplacing the key directly results in you losing access to the inside. You may also struggle to unlock the safe or if the key or the lock itself is damaged or broken. Combination locks can also leave you frantically trying to open your safe if you misplace the combination. Electronic combination locks that recognize biometrics like a fingerprint may also malfunction if there is an issue with the reader or the software that processes the biometric data.

Shifted combination numbers

In an older combination safe, the numbers may physically shift over time. Lack of maintenance can also cause combination numbers to shift on rare occasions. Before calling a locksmith, there are a few things you can try to see if a combination lock’s numbers have shifted. Try slightly altering the combination. For example, you can shift each number up or down by one digit. If your safe is still not unlocking after several tries, contact a locksmith. Even if you are able to unlock your safe by shifting the digits, you should still call a locksmith to examine or replace the lock if the lock is nearing the end of its lifecycle.

Damaged lock

If an intruder has tried to open your safe, the lock may become difficult to open due to damage. Kicking and battering a safe can bend or break the locking components. If your safe won’t open and you’ve had a recent burglar, break-in, or unauthorized visitor, contact an Encino locksmith to open the safe. Your locksmith will also be able to repair the lock or recommend replacement if necessary.

Lockout mode

Some safes have a lockout mode feature that automatically keeps the safe locked if someone has entered the combination incorrectly too many times consecutively. Certain safe models may require you to wait a specified amount of time before trying the combination code again. The number of incorrect entries to trigger lockout mode varies from safe to safe. You can regain access by calling a locksmith. Although you may be tempted to try to manually open the safe, doing so may cause damage.

Safe maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your safe once you’ve placed your items inside and engaged the lock. However, “out of sight; out of mind” is not the best policy. Safes require regular, thorough cleaning. You should have the internal components lubricated with oil to ensure the mechanical parts will move properly each time you want to open your safe. The locksmiths at locksmithology can inspect and maintain your safe. We’ll help you determine the best maintenance interval to help you ward off the effects of humidity, dust, corrosion, and other environmental factors that can affect your safe’s moving parts.

Jammed Bolts

Lack of maintenance can also cause your safe’s bolts to jam. Excessive force and poor construction can cause the bolts to jam due to mechanical misalignments. Jammed bolts are among the most common causes of safe lockouts. Call Locksmithology to determine whether your safe’s bolts require repair.

Damaged wiring

Unlike traditional safes, electronic safes have internal wiring. The wires may operate the keypad or the locking mechanism. If the wires no longer send signals to the keypad, lock, or safe door, you may be locked out of your safe. A locksmith can help you regain access to your electronic safe. Prior to calling a locksmith, also check the safe’s batteries and connection to the keypad.

Preventing an Encino safe lockout

Similar to getting locked out of a house or building, safe lockouts can happen at any time. Aside from losing a key or forgetting a combination, other lockout causes can show signs before you’re unable to open your safe.

If you notice your safe’s lock no longer moves smoothly, an internal component may require cleaning, or it may be time to replace the lock. Contact a locksmith at the first sign your safe shows that suggests a component may not be working optimally. Ignoring the signs or prolonging contacting a locksmith can cause you to be unable to open your safe when you least expect it.

Locksmithology offers a full range of residential and commercial locksmith services in Encino. In addition to safe opening, we also provide safe maintenance, business and residential lock installation, 24/7 lockout response, and rekeying services. Whether you’ve moved into a new home or if you want to increase security in your place of business, we’ll help you find the most effective, cost-efficient solution.


Will I need to replace my safe after you open it?

In most cases, you will have to have your safe’s locking mechanism repaired or replaced after your locksmith opens it.

Can I do my own safe maintenance?

We don’t recommend DIY safe maintenance unless you are familiar with cleaning, oiling, and inspecting the inner components of your safe’s hardware.

Can you help me unlock my electronic safe?

Yes, we can open safes that have electronic components like digital keypads and biometric readers.

What are some causes of a safe door not opening?

If you keep your safe in a room with a high humidity level, the moisture in the air may cause corrosion in the safe’s locking mechanism. An attempted break-in can warp parts of the safe and make it difficult to open. In an electronic safe, damaged wiring or low batteries can also prevent your safe from opening. Storing your safe in a climate-controlled space will better protect it from potentially damaging factors like humidity.

What can I try on my own to unlock a safe that won’t open?

If you have a combination safe, you may want to try altering the digits in the combination by one. Check the batteries and the function of the keypad on electronic safes. Otherwise, contact a locksmith. Trying to force a safe to open can cause damage.

Can you recommend a safe for my home or business?

Yes, we can help you find the right safe for your storage needs.

Emergency Services

Some days are better than others, and getting locked out of your home or business certainly earns the label of a bad day. Because these problems aren’t restricted to business hours, Locksmithology has emergency locksmiths in Encino on call after hours. We welcome the chance to help and will get you inside your building.

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